Long favored by the author, the High Road to the holy site in Chimayó is a breathtaking journey where you are sure to be surprised by wonder. 


The general path goes something like this: begin in Ranchos de Taos at the church there (San Francisco de Asís), and walk your way down the “high road” through Peñasco, Trampas, Truchas, and finally to Chimayó. This all happens while going through a hundred smaller towns along the way. 


There are many similarities between the “Way of St. James” (i.e. the camino in Spain) and this New Mexican camino. From the mix of hispanic and native American culture, to the pilgrimage site itself, and finally to the terrain – there is quite a lot of commonality between the two. 

Every year on Good Friday, thousands of pilgrims make their way on what for most is a day-long pilgrimage to the santuario de Chimayó. 

For those that desire to complete an overnight pilgrimage, creativity must be used for at least one reason – there are no active shelters (known as albergues on the camino in Spain) in the area. Perhaps one day there will be shelters throughout the area – but for now, you must think of other places to sleep. There is one exception to this: at least one organization that leads pilgrimages has developed contacts with individuals and churches on the High Road that let pilgrims sleep there (Creatio: see website)